After the new NFTs hit the marketplace, ETNA Network’s NFT Marketplace experienced a very high volume of users attempting to buy these highly undervalued NFTs. Due to the price-demand curve of the NFTs, several users experienced transaction failures and as a result, only a few could lay their hands on the NFTs.

In order to solve this problem and to make it fair for users, the following updates have been made to the NFT marketplace mechanism.

ETNA Network’s game, “the Lost Treasure” is a Play-To-Earn game where players battle or complete adventures using NFT game assets and earn tokens for every battles won or levels completed. The game adopts some part of the Greek mythology with a premise that is based on the idea that at a time that predates time, Plutus the god of treasure hid a huge amount of treasure as instructed by Zeus the god of the sky. Many tried to find the resting place of this treasure ruins but failed. The time came, after Zeus was long gone, a vital clue was…

DeBank is arguably the most undervalued lending and borrowing application in the whole of the crypto space. It is currently deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and since it went fully live about a month ago, the application has seen a constant increase in user traffic.

So what really is DeBank?

DeBank is a lending and borrowing application that is built to be more user-friendly than it’s competitor, it is the first lending application that supports the use of NFTs as collateral. It also offers users who take out loans with ETNA (ETNA Network’s native token) as collateral zero interest…

ETNA Network is pleased to announce that we have incorporated an additional rewards/bonus program for our loyal users, this rewards program is called “The Ambassador”

The Ambassador Program is based on a Proof of Commitment type algorithm where users of DeBank are rewarded, or airdropped bonus tokens based on how committed they are.

Two parameters are measured to quantify users’ commitment, these are:

1. The amount of Stable coins or amount of ETNA deposited into DeBank

2. The duration of this deposit.

With this parameter, the quantity of bonus rewards for each user are determined.

The ambassador program will also…

In our commitment to ensure that users interact with the features on ETNA Network, we will be publishing “How to ETNA Network series”.

This series will highlight links to demo videos that addresses frequently asked or frequently encountered issues.

The following are the FAQs covered in this series:

Occasionally, users run into issue while trying to connect to DeBank from their Metamask wallet chrome extension. The video shows some few steps you can take to clear the error.

Demo Link:

2. How to reduce gas fee GWEI when Staking, Withdrawing, and…

As many already know, ETNA Networks’ NFTs are gaming assets that would be deployed in the upcoming game. Currently, there are over 30 NFTs trading on the ETNA Network marketplace, these NFTs comprises of game characters, weapons, secret passages, creatures and many more. With each one having it’s uniqueness and specific attributes, they all play a vital role in the upcoming game. Ten of these NFTs are specifically game characters that players can choose as their player character, each of these characters have unique fighting moves and skills which will be disclosed in more details as development progresses.

Below is…

It all started several months before this but lets start from a new chapter, the Birth of ETNA Network.

It happened mid March, a single idea grew into something bigger… here is where the lightbulb appears in cartoon universe lol, but jokes aside, ETNA Network came into existence then. The mission is to create an all-in-one ecosystem, a single platform of interconnected crypto-type technologies built for both the experienced and the inexperienced.

Currently, ETNA Network is building technologies in DeFi, gaming and NFTs. A brief overview of these technologies is as follows:

DeFi Technologies:

A Digital Asset Lending and Borrowing…

ETNA Network

All things DeFi, with features including lending/borrowing and a hybrid liquidity protocol. Hybrid gaming/NFT ecosystem enables seamless integration

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