MTB Token is the network’s utility and Rewards token. It is a multi-utility rewards token for the game ecosystem is a key part. The rewards token is one with several use cases as listed below:

Value Proposition and Utility of MTB Token

  1. Serves as ETNA Game rewards token. It is the currency that will be used to…

Setting Off For Huge Growth

The ETNA Network’s team have been working tirelessly to getting the project on track for huge moves. The week have been very productive, with a number of achievements attained, bringing us closer to our goal.

Some of these achievements include:

  1. The Smooth Launch of The Vault: With no delay whatsoever…

Community Growth

The ETNA Team has readied the Network to arrive confidently in the forefront of the crypto particularly in the play-to-earn and Metaverse space. Some of the steps that we are taking to achieve this goal are:

  1. Main Website for Gaming and Metaverse: ETNA’s website is moving toward Phase I completion…

We will like to inform our users that the metabolism level algorithm for both Character NFTs and Weapon NFTs will be updated.

The updates is done such that the characters and weapons with higher price have significantly higher metabolism level and hence a higher win rate.

The new metabolism level…

ETNA Network’s game, “the Lost Treasure” is a Play-To-Earn game where players battle or complete adventures using NFT game assets and earn tokens for every battles won or levels completed. The game adopts some part of the Greek mythology with a premise that is based on the idea that at…

ETNA Network

All things DeFi, with features including lending/borrowing and a hybrid liquidity protocol. Hybrid gaming/NFT ecosystem enables seamless integration

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