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4 min readDec 16, 2021

As ETNA Network continues to develop all aspects of its ecosystem, ensuring that each technology niche are designed to be optimal so as to ensure long-term sustainability, scalability and profitability is our goal. As such, ETNA Network introduces a its gaming rewards token called the Metabolism Token, META for short.

After about two months of research and development, our game development team came up with an optimized game mechanics and economy structure for all parts of the ETNA Network’s Gaming ecosystem. The optimal structure that was designed have several parts to it, these are:

The Integration of a Rewards Token:

A rewards token for the game ecosystem is a key part. The rewards token is one with several use cases as listed below:

i. Serves as ETNA Game rewards token. It is the currency that will be used to reward players in ETNA’s Network play-to-earn games, in all the modes including the adventure mode.

ii. META token can be used by a player to revitalize heroes’ metabolism level. Instead of a player waiting for a heroes’ depleted metabolism level to be replenish after 24hrs, the user can use the META token to revitalize it instantly.

iii. META Tokens are also used to level-up heroes. A player levels up his/her game character by locking up or burning an amount of META tokens in the leveling up mechanism. Level up as used here is when a heroes metabolism level in enhanced or boosted up significantly.

iv. In EtnaVerse, which is a metaverse of lost treasures in the adventure/quest mode of ETNA Game, META Token is used as a medium of making in game purchases of rare and very valuable collectibles.

v. In addition to the above primary use cases, META tokens can be staked and also mined. Stakers and liquidity miners earn more META tokens as rewards. Cross staking is also possible where ETNA stakers can choose to stake in pools that rewards in META tokens.

vi. As development progresses, more utility/sinks will be implemented and integrated.

2. An Optimized Game Asset Mechanics:

A restructured game asset mechanism designed to maximize earnings of the holders of the original NFTs (generation zero) and also give new players a cost-effective entry point. This is the second part of the mechanism.

The restructured NFT game asset mechanics is a dual generation game asset system, a generation zero NFT game assets and a generation one NFT game assets. The generation zero game assets are the VOID category, they are more expensive, with a bonding curve price model and they can be traded anytime. The generation one are the CRONOS category, they are cheaper and give new players who do not have a lot to invest on a generation zero a cheap entry point.

The game/NFT asset mechanics work in such a way that holders of generation zero “dual-earn”, from the play-to-earn rewards and also from generation one royalty payments.

Holders of generation zero not only earn ETNA/META tokens but also earn BUSD on a monthly basis. And as the play-to-earn adoption level grows, with more players engaging, the royalty to generation zero holders also grows.

So with this, adoption growth increases the earnings paid to holders of generation zero assets but does not significantly increase the price of minting a generation one asset so new users would always have a cheap entry point and holders of expensive generation zero NFTs remain incentivized greatly to keep holding them.

The game mechanics also have features that instantly burn ETNA tokens every time a generation one NFT is minted. With this, the supply of ETNA will continue to reduce as the game gains more adoption.

META Token Generation Event

The Metabolism (META) token generation event involves an IDO event where a small fraction of the supply is sold and a sacrifice event where holders of ETNA Tokens will have a limited one chance to sacrifice their ETNA tokens for META tokens. The sacrifice is done with the aim of greatly rewarding holders who chooses to sacrifice ETNA tokens but the sacrifice slots will be very limited.

A tentative date and more details for these events will be released in following days.

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