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4 min readDec 3, 2021


Setting Off For Huge Growth

The ETNA Network’s team have been working tirelessly to getting the project on track for huge moves. The week have been very productive, with a number of achievements attained, bringing us closer to our goal.

Some of these achievements include:

  1. The Smooth Launch of The Vault: With no delay whatsoever, The Vault went live on Monday the 29th of November as scheduled. The launch was not only on time, it was also successful with no major issues reported. So far, and at the time of writing this article, we have 1,532,353.53 ETNA already staked on BSC and 1,841,802.07 ETNA already staked on Polygon and this amount will only grow with time. This is a huge achievement but we do not intend stopping here, there are more improvements and features to come with The Vault.
  2. Achieving additional tags on CMC and Coingecko: Incase you missed it, ETNA Token has now being badged with the Play-to-earn tag on both CMC and Coingecko and the Metaverse tag on CMC. We are working to get the metaverse tag on Coingecko also. These are great achievements, the project will only gain more audience and visibility with these tags/categories added. The significance of this might not be obvious right now but with a couple of the updates that will be coming up in few weeks from now, it will be.
  3. Optimization of game asset mechanics and the rewards token economy: With the help of a game economist, an optimized game asset mechanics and rewards token economy have been designed. As will be posted in an updated whitepaper which will be released next week, we would all see that the new game asset mechanics will solve both the scalability concern and the cost-reward factor issue. With this implemented, holders of original NFTs will see great rewards and at the same time, the cost of entry for new users will be decent, this will facilitate high adoption rate and an exponential growth rate. Also, the introduction of the rewards token, its tokenomics and the several benefits it brings which include a far much lower supply of the ETNA Token will be released.
  4. Game Partnership in view: Talks with a well established gaming company is ongoing. With this partnership confirmed, the quality of the ETNA game that is being developed will be transformed. Quality, excitement and great rewards to our investors and our players as well, is what we are determined to deliver. As the discussion with this game company progresses, the community will be updated.
  5. Other partnerships and more: Other partnership talks are ongoing. More updates will be released in coming weeks.

Challenges & Priorities

This week has been a great one as there were no major concerns experienced. As we keep working on the previous concerns and issues, we will keep updating the community.

The following are the priorities being addressed:

  1. Reimbursement of DeBank Withdrawal Gas fee: As was stated in several posts made on telegram, users who withdrew tokens from DeBank will be compensated with 0.06 BNB each, this will help reduce the high cost of withdrawal. The first reimbursement will be made on Friday the 3rd on Dec. and the next will go out on Friday the 10th. Every user who withdraws before 12noon EST on Friday the 3rd will get theirs on the 3rd and those who withdraw after that but before 12noon on 10th will get theirs on the 10th.
  2. Fixing Bugs in game and making game more fun: We keep fixing any bug in the quick-game and we are also working on improving the quality and liveliness of the full game before it goes live.

On the Horizon

November-December 2021 anticipated milestones will include:

  • NFT staking on the vault. Currently, the smart contract has been completed and we are working on adding NFT staking to The Vault in the next few weeks.
  • DeBank 2.0 is being worked on, it will be strictly a lending and borrowing feature that will work on BSC and Polygon. it will be more optimized and more user-friendly.
  • The New gaming website will be updated to contain more contents on EtnaVerse and it will be more gamified
  • Launch of rewards token
  • Strategic partnerships and CEX listing
  • Alpha version of full game
  • Alpha testing on ETNA Wallet to begin soon, a number of community members will join the team
  • Marketing and expanded presence, customer satisfaction and profitability goals.

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