ETNA Network: Weekly update I

Community Growth

  1. Main Website for Gaming and Metaverse: ETNA’s website is moving toward Phase I completion and will raise gaming and metaverse visibility by deploying a dedicated website at ETNA.GAME, this website will be continually updated to ensure quality.
  2. New Alliances: ETNA is currently solidifying agreements to secure gaming and metaverse badges on CoinGeko and CoinMarketCap.
  3. Communications: Regular and improved communication strategies will be implemented with the community, including weekly updates and period AMAs.

Challenges & Priorities

  1. Inability to play games for more than 24 hours
  • Users found themselves challenged with an “error” message this past week when trying to access the quick play game. After several hours of research, the ETNA tech team identified the cause of the problem as a timeout in the web server, creating an incorrect read of the user’s IP.
  • Web server issues were resolved immediately upon problem identification and new accountability protocols put in place, including a new mechanism that will send period requests from the server to ensure round-the-clock resolution.
  • The ETNA Team is working hard to resolve the high gas fee issues with DeBank, which has restricted user’s interaction. Immediate solutions include an update of the DeBank mechanism to operate optimally from a gas feel perspective. A timeline for this resolution will be announced in coming days
  • Users who wish to move their assets from DeBank to the Vault will be compensated with 0.06 BNB to help cover part of the cost. The 0.06 BNB payment will begin when the Vault goes live.

On the Horizon

  • The Vault will be up and running, with several staking vaults and liquidity mines on both BSC and Polygon.
  • New gaming website at ETNA.GAME already live and metaverse contents will be added
  • New team additions to ensure operational fulfilment, expanded presence, customer satisfaction and profitability goals.



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