Introducing ETNA Network NFT Game Assets

As many already know, ETNA Networks’ NFTs are gaming assets that would be deployed in the upcoming game. Currently, there are over 30 NFTs trading on the ETNA Network marketplace, these NFTs comprises of game characters, weapons, secret passages, creatures and many more. With each one having it’s uniqueness and specific attributes, they all play a vital role in the upcoming game. Ten of these NFTs are specifically game characters that players can choose as their player character, each of these characters have unique fighting moves and skills which will be disclosed in more details as development progresses.

Below is a list of characters currently trading on ETNA Network NFT Marketplace:

1. Apollo 2. Nyx 3. Arthemis 4. Cyclops 5. Hercules

6. Mercury 7. Wukong 8. Pantara 9. Osiris 10. Eagle

Trading of NFTs on the Marketplace was opened to users on the 15th of April, 2021 with the start price of all the NFTs at 20 ETNA. After about 24Hrs of the opening, all the characters had experienced an exponential price growth. As of the time of writing this article, over 4900 NFTs have been minted and the cheapest of all the NFTs is currently 250 ETNA, a whooping 1,150% growth since its listing on 15th of April, just two months ago.

The Figure show the prices of all characters after 24hrs, 72hrs, and 120hrs of opening. We can see that just in 24hrs, Nyx increased in price to a highest price of ~580.7 ETNA. This represents about 2800% growth, exponential right? To users who bought Nyx within the price range of 20–25 ETNA, this represents a 23–29x on their investment so hell yes, this is exponential.

The price increase in ETNA for all the characters after 24hrs are summarized from the highest to the lowest growth as follows: Nyx (580.69) > Apollo (340.69) > Arthemis (225.88) > Herculus (178.03) > Osiris (173.03) > Mercury (169.63) > Cyclops (148.91) > Eagle (144.77) > Pantara (133.75) > Wukong (133.60). It is evident that after 24hrs, even the least performing character had a price growth of ~568%, still about 7x for early buyers.

After 72hrs, Nyx still maintained it’s position as the highest performing character with it’s price at 645.24 ETNA, representing an increase of ~11% from 580.69 to 645.24 ETNA. Hercules exhibited the highest jump in the price of ~28% from 178.03 to 227.10 ETNA. Also, all other characters showed an increase in price as you can see in the figure.

After 120hrs, Nyx had a slight price a drop from 645.24 to 526.79 ETNA but still maintained it’s position as the best performer. The price of the other characters can be seen in the figure.

So, why are people buying Nyx? Let us learn a bit about Nyx.

Nyx is one of the most feared characters in the game. She doesn’t just steal the magical treasures but kills at the slightest provocation. She is very impatient, furious and fearful. Her greatest strength is her ability to see in darkness and cause the night to fall. She fights more with dark powers than with magic.

Our take is, lots of buyers were intrigued and motivated by her storyline. The truth is, all of these characters are unique and they are all highly valuable as we will see in coming weeks.

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