Introducing The Ambassador Program

ETNA Network is pleased to announce that we have incorporated an additional rewards/bonus program for our loyal users, this rewards program is called “The Ambassador”

The Ambassador Program is based on a Proof of Commitment type algorithm where users of DeBank are rewarded, or airdropped bonus tokens based on how committed they are.

Two parameters are measured to quantify users’ commitment, these are:

1. The amount of Stable coins or amount of ETNA deposited into DeBank

2. The duration of this deposit.

With this parameter, the quantity of bonus rewards for each user are determined.

The ambassador program will also rank users based on this commitment metric and will give them interesting membership titles. You can be rest assured, a lot of interesting and benefiting features will come with the Ambassador program.

As we all know, we are focused on deploying our mobile app, a multi-blockchain wallet app with DeBank, NFT marketplace, token swap feature and more embedded. For this reason, The Ambassador Program Tab will delay a bit.

But here is the good news, though the tab for this new feature will delay a bit, the bonus program that comes with it will start immediately.

Who qualifies for the additional rewards?

1. Users who deposit at least 500 BUSD or USDT or DAI into DeBank. Users can qualify on multiple deposits, i.e, a user who deposits 5000 BUSD and 1500 USDT will qualify for 500 ETNA in bonus and 150 ETNA in bonus from respective deposits

2. Users who deposit a minimum of 1000 ETNA into DeBank

How often are Bonus rewards airdropped to users?

As it has been mentioned, the reward is paid out is based on commitment therefore only users who make one or more of the above deposits and keep it deposited for at list a month will get paid rewards bonus.


A. If a user deposits 5000 BUSD and 1500 USDT . The user left the 5000 BUSD for over a month but withdrew the 1500 USDT after 20 days, the user will only get bonus airdrops for the 500o BUSD

B. If the user withdraw 500 USDT out of the 150O USDT deposited, the commitment count starts all over and if the remaining 1000 USDT still in deposit stays in deposits for a month, then the user will qualify for bonus for the 1000 USDT.

C. The same goes for ETNA, If user deposits 10000 ETNA, he will also qualify for bonus each month the deposit remains in deposits.

Note: Users can qualify for rewards each month. Take for instance, the user who deposited 5000 BUSD. If the user left the 5000 BUSD for 4 months and 10 days, he will qualify for bonus rewards 4 times, one for each month the deposit clocked.

Additional conditions for bonus rewards:

For users who deposits ETNA, only deposits that are not used as collateral for loans will count. Any amount of ETNA that has been used as collateral for loan will not count.

First Bonus Allocation:

For the month of July, the following amount of ETNA have been allocated for bonus rewards.

1. 100,000 ETNA in bonus rewards for stable coin deposits (BUSD, USDT, DAI)

2. 100,000 ETNA in bonus rewards for ETNA deposits

Reward structure:

Stable coin rewards structure (minimum of 500 BUSD, USDT, DAI):

Deposit of 500–999: 50 ETNA in bonus

Deposit of 1000–1499: 100 ETNA in bonus

Deposit of 1500–1999: 150 ETNA in bonus


Deposit of 10,000–10,499: 1,000 ETNA in bonus


Summary: Every multiple of 500 stable coin deposits earn you 50 ETNA in additional bonus

ETNA rewards structure (minimum of 1000 ETNA):

Deposit of 1000–1499: 10 ETNA in bonus


Deposit of 10,000–10,499: 100 ETNA in bonus


Deposit of 100,000–100,499: 1000 ETNA in bonus


Summary: Every multiple of 1,000 ETNA deposits earn you 10 ETNA in additional bonus


Deposits already made before this announcement will also count from today

Only up to 1,000,000 in stable coin deposits will benefit in this stage so do not miss out

Only up to 10,000,000 in ETNA deposits will benefit in this stage so do not miss out

Direct link to DeBank:

Any question you have can be sent to us via email or you can ask on our telegram group



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