MTB —P2E Rewards Token TGE

Value Proposition and Utility of MTB Token

  1. Serves as ETNA Game rewards token. It is the currency that will be used to reward players in ETNA’s Network play-to-earn games, in all the modes including the adventure mode.
  2. MTB token can be used by a player to revitalize heroes’ metabolism level. Instead of a player waiting for a heroes’ depleted metabolism level to be replenish after 24hrs, the user can use the MTB token to revitalize it instantly.
  3. MTB Tokens are also used to level-up heroes. A player levels up his/her game character by locking up or burning an amount of MTB tokens in the leveling up mechanism. Level up as used here is when a heroes metabolism level in enhanced or boosted up significantly.
  4. In EtnaVerse, which is a metaverse of lost treasures in the adventure/quest mode of ETNA Game, MTB Token is used as a medium of making in game purchases of rare and very valuable collectibles.
  5. In addition to the above primary use cases, MTB tokens can be staked and also mined. Stakers and liquidity miners earn more MTB tokens as rewards. Cross staking is also possible where ETNA stakers can choose to stake in pools that rewards in MTB tokens.
  6. As development progresses, more utility/sinks will be implemented and integrated.

Token Supply and Allocation

Allocation’s Lockup and Vesting

MTB Token Generation Event

Event II: ETNA Token Sacrifice — Burn

Sacrifice Lockup and Vesting

Allocation of Funds Raised

Listing Price



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