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2 min readMar 25, 2022


The Lost Treasure is Etna Network’s Play-to-earn game. A game where players battle or complete adventures accessed with NFT game assets and earn tokens for every battle won or level completed. The game adopts some part of the Greek mythology with a premise that is based on the idea that at a time that predates time, Plutus the god of treasure had hidden a huge amount of treasure as instructed by Zeus the god of the sky. Many tried to find the resting place of this treasure ruins but failed. The time came, after Zeus was long gone, a vital clue was revealed by Plutus, the resting place of the treasure was revealed to be in the deepest core of Mount Etna. Many heroes have journey from far and near, from the past and the future to EtnaVerse in their quest to find the lost treasure.

As we continue to make great progress with the development of the full game mode, we are happy to inform the community that a major update has been made on the quickplay version, this updated version is available to players at https://p2e.etna.network/

With the updated version, users will be able to play the game on both Binance Smart Chain and on Polygon. In addition to this, following changes were made:

  1. Players on both BSC and Polygon will earn MTB tokens on each games played
  2. Players can purchase additional meta points by burning MTB tokens. The meta points is used to boost a game’s victory chance or win rate.
  3. As we had in the previous version, players have 7 free games daily and can purchase more games using ETNA tokens.

It should also be noted that each game played requires a transaction confirmation on the blockchain, unlike the previous version, the transaction fees are external and are covered by the player. This modification solves the issue with stuck transactions/games as seen in the previous version.

For more details, go to https://doc.etna.network/key-products/play-to-earn

Websites: https://www.etna.network/ and https://www.etna.game/

To play the game, go to https://p2e.etna.network/

The previous game can still be accessed for those who would like to withdraw their earnings: p2e-beta-old.etna.network

You can also join our community on twitter and telegram:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EtnaNetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/EtnaNetwork



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