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ETNA Network’s game, “the Lost Treasure” is a Play-To-Earn game where players battle or complete adventures using NFT game assets and earn tokens for every battles won or levels completed. The game adopts some part of the Greek mythology with a premise that is based on the idea that at a time that predates time, Plutus the god of treasure hid a huge amount of treasure as instructed by Zeus the god of the sky. Many tried to find the resting place of this treasure ruins but failed. The time came, after Zeus was long gone, a vital clue was revealed by Plutus, the resting place of the treasure was revealed to be somewhere in the deepest core of Mount Etna. Many warriors have travelled from far and near, from the past and the future to the Island of Sicily in quest to find the lost treasure.

As a play-to-earn game with an interesting storyline, it give game players an avenue to earn while having fun. In the development of The Lost Treasure, ETNA Network is kin to cater to all kinds of users, both experienced and the inexperienced ones by providing game play options that would serve both groups.

ETNA Network just launched the quick play option of this game on the Binance smart chain. After all issues, bugs and upgrades are done, the game will be integrated on Polygon as well.

The quick play version of the game can be accessed at:

Game Modes Under Development:

Several modes and options are under development, these include:

  1. PVP/PVE Fighting mode, full play option
  2. PVP Tournament mode
  3. Adventure/treasure hunting mode

Meet the Generation Zero game Warriors

As one of the requirements, a player needs to have at least one game character or warrior to access the play-to-earn game. The current generation of game warriors is called the Generation Zero. There are a total of 11 of them and more will be released subsequently.

It should be noted that to buy a warrior, you need to pay in ETNA tokens and you also need to have some BNB to pay for the gas fee.

Immediate benefit of buying is that the price of each warrior follows a price-demand bonding curve and due to demand and the trading options the ETNA NFT marketplace provides to users, holders can make great gains just holding theses assets.

To access the marketplace, go to:

How Profitable Is It?

Simple put, owning generational NFT assets on the ETNA Network’s play-to-earn ecosystem is more than playing-to-earn, it is more like owning your own play-to-earn game franchise.

After every generational cycle, a parent generation breeds two class of next-gen offspring, the S gene offspring and the M gene offspring.

Holders of the parent generation automatically get the S gene offspring airdropped to them. In this way, such holders have more game assets that can be used to sponsor other players and hence earn more. For every subsequent generation, each holders who maintain the lineage of any NFT warrior or asset will continue to benefit from the expansion of their franchise by getting the S gene airdrops.

How to maintain a warrior’s Lineage

For a holder to maintain the lineage of a particular warrior, the lineage chain must be unbroken, the M gene of every generation are the individual links on the lineage chain, hence a holder has to have at least 1 M gene for every generation to maintain the lineage completely.


Example 1: If a holder has Apollo generation 0, one or more M gene Apollo generation 1, one or more M gene Apollo generation 2 and one or more M gene Generation 3, such a holder has all the links that completes the lineage of Apollo from generation 0 (The Ancestor) to generation 3.

At the minimum, this holder will get 2–3 S gene Apollos airdropped to him/her in generation 1, 2, and 3breeding events. This mean that such a user will have 6–9 more warriors he/she can used to sponsor more players for every M gene per generation, hence such user will earn more from all his/her assets which are being used by scholars/players.

Example 2: If a holder has Nyx generation 0, one or more M gene Nyx generation 1 and one or more M gene Nyx generation 3, such a holder has the link in generation 0, 1 and 3 but do not have the link in generation 2 hence he/she only has a complete lineage of Nyx from generation 0 (The Ancestor) to generation 1.

At the minimum, this holder will get 2–3 S gene Nyx airdropped to him/her in generation 1 only. This still expands the holder’s profit tree but not to the maximum possible level.

How To Get An M Gene

The M gene are required to completes the lineage of every warrior so they are always made available on the marketplace after each generation’s breeding event and are always going to be listed at cheap price but again, price would appreciate with demand.

Additional Benefit:

ETNA Networks is aiming at building a whole gaming ecosystem, holding these assets at this early stage is great. When the game ecosystem is more developed, there will be great additional benefits distributed to holders in the form of royalties.

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