The How To ETNA Network, Series I

In our commitment to ensure that users interact with the features on ETNA Network, we will be publishing “How to ETNA Network series”.

This series will highlight links to demo videos that addresses frequently asked or frequently encountered issues.

The following are the FAQs covered in this series:

  1. How to troubleshoot your Metamask connection to DeBank

Occasionally, users run into issue while trying to connect to DeBank from their Metamask wallet chrome extension. The video shows some few steps you can take to clear the error.

Demo Link:

2. How to reduce gas fee GWEI when Staking, Withdrawing, and Borrowing

This video demonstrates how a user can reduce the gas fee when depositing (staking), withdrawing (unstaking) and borrowing on DeBank, ETNA’s lending and borrowing platform.

Demo Link:

3. How to transfer ETNA’s NFTs from one wallet to another

This video demonstrates how one can transfer an NFT from one wallet to another via the transfer feature within ETNA’s NFT Marketplace at

Demo Link:

4. How to connect to DeBank from a mobile wallet like Trust wallet via wallet connect

The video shows how you connect to ETNA’s lending/borrowing platform via wallet connect. In this demo, trust wallet was used but any mobile wallet that is compatible with wallet connect will work similarly. The demo also shows how to confirm a deposit. In the demo, the deposit of an NFT was shown but the same hold for other supported assets.

Demo Link:

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