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4 min readDec 3, 2021


The Vault, our newly deployed Staking vaults is a lot more than staking, it is also equipped with a liquidity mining (yield farming) feature for ETNA Token. This feature allows users who provide ETNA liquidity on Pancakeswap (for BSC) and on Quickswap (for Polygon) to Earn 100% APR which is paid in ETNA.

To help our users to gain better understanding, here is a guide on how to use The Vault. It covers how to stake in the different pool and how to farm.

Connecting to The Vault:

Step i: First of all, user needs to connect to The Vault at:

Step ii: The user needs to make sure he/she chooses the blockchain or network he/she wants to use.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the user can switch between networks by clicking on the network button at the top right corner.

Note: additional step may be required if the user is not connected to the same network within his wallet. In that case, the user will need to switch to the right wallet within his/her wallet.

How to Stake:

Having connected to The Vault, and to the blockchain (network) you want to interact with, the user can then stake. To stake, the user needs to take the following steps:

i. Select the staking tab.

ii. Click on the stake button for the vault you want to stake in. the vaults are Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond.

iii. You then need to enter the amount you want to stake and then click on confirm.

Note: When you click on confirm, the transaction needs to be confirmed within your wallet and it is confirmed with two authorization signed in your wallet.

How to Liquidity Mine (Yield Farm):

Again, it is assumed that you are already connected to The Vault and have selected the network you want to interact with as described previously. To farm ETNA, here are the steps you need to take:

i. Select the Liquidity Mining tab.

ii. You then need to get ETNA LP tokens by providing liquidity on quickswap for Polygon Network or on Pancakeswap for BSC. To provide liquidity, click on the more actions button and then click on the get ETNA-USDC or ETNA-MATIC button.

This will take you to the exchange where you can add liquidity and get the LP tokens

iii. You can then add liquidity on the exchange.

If you have ETNA LP tokens already, from liquidity added previously, you can skip steps ii and iii.

iv. You then need to stake the LP tokens in The Vault. The steps to take to stake LP tokens is the same as those described in staking ETNA, the only difference is that the LP tokens are staked within the Liquidity Mining tab.

Upcoming updates:

In addition to the features of the vault described above, there will be updates made and more features added.

Some of the features and updates include:

  1. NFT staking feature which will be added in few weeks from now.
  2. A cumulative TVL and statistics dashboard. This will show info on the utility and growth of the vault.

Need additional help?

Incase you have any question or you need additional help, please send us an email at or join our community on telegram where our admins are readily available to answer any questions you may have.

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